Dakar Rally 2022 Team Spierings

The Dakar Rally 2022 will take place in Saudi Arabia. This is the toughest race in the world, off-road. In no more than 15 days the drivers will cover a distance of 8000 kilometers.

Paul Spierings and co-driver Jan-Pieter van der Stelt, in collaboration with MPM and its sister companies ERA and Optimal, will participate in the Dakar Rally 2022 in January 2022 in the Buggy One. Paul is a driver with a lot of experience. In fact, he has completed the Rally three times already on a motorcycle. This year Paul and Jan-Pieter will take on the challenge on 4 wheels in the Buggy class. The Buggy of Dakar Team Spierings will be kept in top condition during the rally with MPM products. MPM has full confidence in the Spierings Team and wishes them the best of luck.

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